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Dec 7, 2013 12:00pm EST
, affordable healthcare insurance having brought transparency and competition to a market that had been closed and opaque. as you heard the president say, the affordable care act is much more than a website. we have learned from our experience the past few months and the overwhelming interest we've seen from consumers in the first two months reminds us just how strong the demand is for quality affordable insurance options and that strengthens our resolve to make sure that this law works for every american. no matter what have a we will see this through. we are going to make this law work and as problems arise and we will fix them, just like we are fixing the website. as president obama has said from the very beginning, he's working -- he's willing to work with anyone to make this law work better. it's in the united states of america and the affordable care should never be the privilege of a lucky few but rather a right for every american. the affordable care act gives us an option to make that realistic and we intend to see this through. thank you very much for the opportunity to be with you. [applause] >> denis, thank you. he needs to get back to the white house
Dec 6, 2013 7:30pm PST
between rebound in the economy and the healthcare act? >> the link is that this law all thetually for attention to it now is more than three years old, that, you know, jobs growth, you might say, despite the affordable care act, despite the predictions from republicans and its other opponents that this killer, theob consistent description for it, and jay carney opened up his houseng at the white today by suggesting that the eachgrowth consecutively month have coincided with the time period in fact the affordable care act has been on the books. gwen: is that plausible? >> no. the one case they do have is that there are fewer people part-time involuntarily and that was supposed to be something that was going to happen because of the affordable care act. it looks like the shutdown and all that furor didn't really stop the economy. gwen: the word they've been using instead is because the resilient is why it's happened. that's the good news part of it goes so far because just under the surface, there was a lot of evidence of uncertainty. headed to, which is bankruptcy, and among minimum wage workers who are demanding a pie.r piece of the there are a couple of ways of looking at that. trends ofbined increased
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)